Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chief Executive’s Advisory Panel for (CYF) New Zealand

I am going to talk about the new Chief Executive’s Advisory Panel for Child,Youth and Family (CYF) New Zealand.

I was the first person to go before this panel with two complaints and had one upheld and the other still in limbo
I want to point out I have no issues with the Panel they did a fantastic job and I got a good hearing.

However there is a number of issues getting to the panel as CYF seem to make that as hard as possible for many people that have tried, then if you get to the Chief Executive’s Advisory Panel for Child Youth, and family, you have to somehow get CYF to give an accurate account often with their word against your and no independent way to verify the truth. Its' thier word against yours. So I think its fair to say the odds are stacked again you for these and many other reason I will soon explain.

This will be updated soon….

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For the benefit of people overseas, CYF is New Zealand's version of Child Protection Services (CPS)